[VIDEO] Chumpie The Miniature Schnauzer Snoring

miniature Schnauzer puppy snoring video

In this video, we get to listen to Chumpie the miniature Schnauzer when he’s napping.  He makes the cutest sound.  Not very typical, but sweet to listen to, and just delightful to watch.  And watch his facial twitching too.  Probably dreaming about something important.

Dogs dream just like we do.  And since puppies sleep about 90% of the time, they have a lot more dream time than adult dogs.  It’s interesting how in the last video clip, Chumpie slept at the edge of his large doggie bed.  That was probably his first day home.  Puppies often prefer a “nest” that feels cozy, even though we may think a large bed would be so fun for him.  Actually, puppies are more likely to feel safer with something cozier in size, perhaps surrounded by small blankets and a teddy bear toy to remind him of the warmth he experienced with his litter mates when they snuggle together.

What are miniature Schnauzers like?

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At this filming, Chumpie was 8-weeks-old.  According to Dog Time, miniature Schnauzer makes a wonderful family dog because he is affectionate and loves being around people, especially his family.  He is protective of his family and his home, so he will bark at even slight noises.  Take this into consideration if you live in a noise-restricted property.

Miniature Schnauzers are good with children and other dogs.  However, when there are other small mammals around, keep him on a leash because he might chase after them, and your calls would not even be heard.  A miniature Schnauzer is highly intelligent and energetic.  He is happy with a variety of activites, so keep this intelligent one mentally and physically active, and get his exercise everyday.  Since this is an affectionate dog, he is likely to want physical contact with you often, and take over your lap.  This dog needs to be with people.

You can read more about miniature Schnauzer here.  Enjoy listening to Chumpie the miniature Schnauzer snoring in his sleep.

Article source:  Dog Time


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