[VIDEO] This Puppy Has The Most Beautiful Smile

video puppy smiling happily

The puppy in this video has the most beautiful smile.  Every clip shows his happy smile.  Could it be that he is pleased with himself?  Like all dogs naturally do?  They know so many things that are great reminders for us.  Wouldn’t you like to teach your dog to smile on command?

Kea Grace in Pets The Nest offers some ideas on how to teach our dogs to smile on cue.  Catch our dogs in a happy and relaxed state.  Maybe give them a tummy rub, play ball, anything that they feel happy about.  When you can start predicting when that lifting of the lips is going to occur, use reward to encourage behavior.  Praise, treats work very well.  Everytime you see those lips looking like a smile, reward your dog.  When your dog starts to smile more often, then associate words with this behavior.  Rea says that words like “smile”, “show your teeth”, “say cheese” tend to work well.

How to teach your dog to smile

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Now that you can predict that moment of smile, say the word just before the smile, so your dog will associate the word with the action.  Keep encouraging this behavior by showering praise and reward with treats.  Continue this practice until your dog can smile on command.

Then take it further, take your dog some place new or provide some distraction so he can practice smiling on command wherever he may be.  Perhaps play music in the background, or turn on the television as distractions.  Or take him to a park.  At first he may find the new place and distraction not conducive to this game.  If he ignores your cue, maybe there’s too much distraction going on around him.  Reduce the distraction to the level where he will respond, and start there.

You can read more of Kea’s article here.  Enjoy watching this beautiful puppy flash us the happiest smile.

Article source:  Kea Grace on Pets The Nest


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