[VIDEO] Corgi Puppies Messy At Lunch

video Corgi puppies eating lunch

The Corgi puppies in this video are getting messy at lunchtime, stepping into their mashed food while they are eating.  However, it’s absolutely lovely to watch these little ones.  The word “Corgi” is Celtic for dog.  “Cor” means dwarf, and “gi” means dog.  That makes perfect sense for these lovely dogs with short legs.  Actually, the Pembroke (the ones that Queen Elizabeth is so fond of) has slightly shorter legs than the Cardigan.

What a Corgi needs

Originally, the Corgi was a farm dog, an all-around working dog.  Then it was discovered by cattlemen that they are good with herding cattle, so that got added to the Corgi’s job description.  They would nip on the heels of cattle to herd them, and then they quickly move away to avoid getting kicked by the cattle.

This instinct continues today even if they are not herding on a farm.  It comes in the form of herding their human family.  Maybe even nipping at their ankles.  Therefore it is important to train this habit out of them early, especially if there are children in the household.

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Hills Pet suggests that Corgi needs grooming just once a week, except for shedding seasons, in which case you might see their hair floating around in the air.  This is one dog NOT to overfeed because they can get obese.  Since they have a long back, it can put a strain on their body.

They actually don’t require that much food.  Check with your vet for the optimal quantity for your Corgi.  Hills Pet suggests at least 20 to 40 minutes of exercise a day.

Corgis are very intelligent.  If they get bored because of lack of mental stimulation or insufficient exercise, they can bark excessively, or dig, or chew.  They do well with agility classes because they are athletic.  And they simply enjoy being with their human family.  You can learn more about the Corgi breed here.  Enjoy watching these little Corgi puppies get messy at lunchtime.

If you enjoy this video, here is another mini Corgi video for you!

Article source:  Hills Pet


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