[VIDEO] Mini Corgis Napping Together

Tiny Corgi puppies sleeping together

The Corgis in this video are smaller than the average Corgis.  The puppies fit inside a colander.  The site beneath this YouTube video refers to a breeder who wants to reduce potential back problems for Corgis because of their long body.  The Corgis in this video have a shorter back, so as they get older, their spine would probably not be a problem as it might be in regular-sized Corgis.

It’s important to keep Corgis fit and healthy by not over-feeding them.  It can be easy for a Corgi to get overweight.  That extra weight is not friendly to his spine.  And even though Corgis have short legs, their running speed can amaze you.  They were bred to be herders.  They’ve got to keep up with the cattle.

What a Corgi needs

Because Corgis have a long back, it’s best if they don’t jump on hard surface or do anything that might injure their vertebrae.  Perhaps running on sand or soft dirt would be easier on them.  Adopt A Pet shares some insights for those who might be thinking about getting a Corgi.  They shed.  Especially in the spring and fall.  You need to brush them regularly.

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They need a job to do because they were bred as working dogs.  Dog sports like agility, herding, rally might satisfy their herding instinct and their intelligent mind.  Running freely and chasing in an open field is what Corgis dream about.  Because that herding instinct is in them, they might herd little children, so it’s suggested that they be matched with families with older children who won’t let a Corgi nip at their ankle.

A Corgi can get barky, especially if they have not exercised enough.  Intelligence AND energy in one package means satisfying them with plenty of physical and mental activities.  You can read more about the tips from rescue organizations in the article here.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of a loving Corgi rushing to comfort a little friend.

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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