[VIDEO] Courageous Lhasa Apso Puppy Mastering The Stairs

video Lhasa Apso puppy afraid to use the stairs

The courageous 10-weeks-old Lhasa Apso puppy in this video is mastering the stairs.  His name is Oreo.  Just the day before this video was made, Oreo learned to go up the stairs.  When attempting to go back down the stairs, Oreo barks his objection.  So the following day, the family tried again, and caught Oreo’s first success in going down the stairs.  But not without an argument from Oreo.

Actually, there is a relatively easy way to help puppies feel comfortable using the stairs, according to Jolanta Benal on Quick And Dirty Tips.  Small steps and encouragement are the keys to success in this training.  It is important not to push verbally or physically.  Let the puppy be comfortable taking the next step in this learning.

How to teach your puppy to go down the stairs

Jolanta suggests that we start by offering a couple of treats.  Then place a treat near the edge of a step, but just a little bit below so your pup has to stick his head out just a little.   Reward him with a treat, and just let him feel comfortable there for a little bit.

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If he looks up to it, either repeat this or put a couple of treats on the step below.  Puppies may take a minute or two to get up the courage to go down a step.

If they really do not want to do this, forget the steps at this time, and start with something easier.  Use a book instead.  It’s much easier for a puppy to master going up and down a 1-inch thick book.  Then increase to 2-inches, then 3-inches, until it’s about the height of one of your steps.  When the puppy is comfortable with that, introduce him to the stairs again.  He’ll achieve success much more easily this way, and without stress. You can read the more detailed instructions here.

Enjoy watching this adorable Lhasa Apso puppy master the stairs in just 24 hours.

Article source:  Jolanta Benal on Quick And Dirty Tips


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