[VIDEO] Bulldog Puppy Minos First 6 Weeks

video Bulldog puppy growing up time lapse

This is one precious video of a Bulldog puppy named Minos.  It’s taken from his birth day to 6 weeks.  The first part of the video are lovely photos from his very first day onward.  Watch how Mom holds him in her arms.  This puppy is going to enjoy a family who adores him.

Another family dog wants to play with Minos, perhaps in a way he does not understand, and Minos barks back at him.  And a pretty feisty bark too from such a little puppy.   Bulldogs love people, and are good with children, according to Vetstreet.  If you are worried about how much time it takes to exercise a dog, don’t worry when it comes to Bulldogs.  A 15-minute walk, and he is ready for his nap.  He’s happy to stroll down the block and back.

How much exercise do Bulldogs need?

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Bulldogs are perfect when it comes to personality and temperament.   There is one thing that is not a friend to him–heat.  They can get heat stroke.  If you live in a hot climate, walk him early in the day or in the evening.  Unless the summer is very mild, please keep them indoor where there is air condition.

Bulldogs also can’t swim.  They have a large head.  Their torso and short legs limit their ability to stay above water.   So if you have a pool or a pond, please limit your Bulldog’s access to it.  Bulldogs are not barkers, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors in a condo or apartment building.  If you don’t have a very active lifestyle, don’t worry.  Neither do the Bulldogs.  They are happy to keep you company on the couch.   You can read more about Bulldogs here.   Enjoy watching sweet Minos’ first 6 weeks.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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