[VIDEO] Dalmatian Puppies Playing

video dalmatian puppies growing up

This is a video of the cutest Dalmatian puppies growing up.  For readers who are thinking about getting a Dalmatian puppy, here are some advice from Dalmatian Breed that may make your early days as pet parent smoother.

How to train Dalmatians

Set the house rules from Day 1 and stick to them. Dalmatian puppies don’t know what behavior is acceptable or not to humans.  If they do something you don’t want, redirect them to something you want them to do.  For example, if they start chewing on your hand, immediately substitute your hand with a chew toy, so they associate the behavior of chewing with a chew toy, and not your hand.   This is the basic concept of obedience training.  So you can apply it to your puppy training.

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Dalmatian puppies are quick learners, and also quick to figure you out.  Dalmatian Breed shares that if the pup senses that you know what you are doing, and you come across as confident when you train them, they’ll listen to you.  If they sense otherwise, it might be better for someone else in the household to do the training who can come across as confident in the eyes of the puppy.

Socializing a Dalmatian puppy

Socializing a Dalmatian puppy is an important part of puppy training.  It helps him learn how to behave around people.  And if he has any fear or anxiety about meeting new people, this socialization process will help him feel more confident around new people.

Take him to places where there’ll be strangers, and train the puppy to stay calm and friendly when there are strangers around.   Don’t let him dash at people.  It may seem endearing when he is a puppy because he is perceived differently when he is still small.  But when he gets bigger and jumps up at strangers, that’s a differently story.  He may frighten them unintentionally, especially if he is trying to say hello to a little child.  This goes for any dog that will grow to a much larger size than when he was a puppy.

If you enjoy this video, here is another video of a Dalmatian snuggling with a kitten.

Article source:  Dalmatian Breed


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