[VIDEO] Tiny Kitten Snuggling With A Dalmatian

video tiny kitten trusting big dog

Now THIS is what feeling safe looks like!  The tiny kitten in this video feels cozy snuggling with a big Dalmatian friend.  The Dalmatian is so gentle with the kitten.  She moves her head to the side so she would not put weight on the kitten.  Even so, the kitten has to find her way out of that lovely embrace.

Actually, Dalmatians do quite well with cat compared to other dogs of similar size.  But proper introduction is necessary because they do have a prey drive.  And it helps to keep your Dalmatian busy, so the cat doesn’t become their entertainment.  Their desire to please you is so strong that with your effort to provide a positive introduction, things will go well with your Dalmatian and cats. Nicholas DeMarino shares some tips on Pets The Nest on a successful introduction of your cat to your Dalmatian.

How to introduce a new dog to your cat

Since first meetings make a strong impression on cats than dogs, plan your playdates to favor your cat.  Pick a room she already knows well, with escape routes and all.

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Bring your Dalmatian in with a leash, but just using a light or medium touch with the leash.  A strong touch may trigger some stress response from your dog, and we don’t want any stress to enter this picture.  Let your cat take her time in approaching the dog.  Praise her, shower her with affection and treats to help make a positive association with meeting your dog.  If all goes well, after a couple of playdates like this, you can consider setting aside the leash.

You can lengthen their playtime together.  And always end the playdates on a positive note for both of them before you put them back in their own space.  And if they don’t want to interact with each other, don’t force it.  You can always try again another time.  And do trim your cat’s nails or get her a scratching post, so your dog is safe from her sharp claws.  You can read more about this topic here.   

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Article source:  Nicholas DeMarino in Pets The Nest


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