[VIDEO] Doberman LOVES McDonald’s Hamburger

video doberman loves mcdonalds hamburger

Just listen to that whining!  The Doberman in this video LOVES McDonald’s hamburgers.  His name is Red.  He just earned the last leg for his RE (Rally Excellent) title.   And as a tradition, his mom celebrates his success with him by going to McDonald’s for a couple of hamburgers.  Both hamburgers are for him!  Turn up your volume for this so you can hear Red’s excitement about going to McDonald’s for his special treat.

He whines as his Mom places the order at the drive-thru window.  This must bring a smile to the drive-thru associate.  Red’s mom wants to feed him bit by bit.  But look at that large mouth!  Red would have none of that.   I can just hear his words, “Just put the whole burger in my mouth!”  But he has good manners, and tolerates the small bites.  For a little while, at least.

Characteristics of the Doberman Pincher

A little tidbit about the Doberman Pincher.  According to the American Kennel Club, this breed originates in Germany around 1890.   The breed is named after a tax collector named Louis Doberman Apolda.  He wanted to have a medium sized dog who can be both a companion and a guard dog.

Dog bowl to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Not all Dobermans have the same temperament.  However, the breed’s temperament (the correct breed temperament, that is) is trustworthy with the master’s children and friends.  They are affectionate and obedient.  Loyal too.  Very trainable.  That’s why they are trained to work as police dogs.

AKC writes that earlier Dobermans were rather sharp and aggressive.  However, today’s Dobermans are decreasing in sharpness.  Perhaps this is deliberate in the breeding strategy.  AKC also mentions that Dobermans are not meant to live outside the house alone.  And they aren’t meant to live in a kennel.  However, if you were to have 2 Dobermans, AKC recommends that you do not have 2 adult male Dobermans together.  You can read more about the Doberman here.

Enjoy watching this dog savor (quickly) a McDonald’s hamburger!

Article source:  American Kennel Club


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