[VIDEO] Dogs Babysitting Children

video dogs playing with babies gently

The dogs in this video are only too happy to babysit and entertain baby twins.  And they make sure they are giving attention to both babies.   Parents with twins would appreciate these helpers.  Not only are they gentle and careful when touching the babies, they are attentive and tuned into the emotions of the babies.  If the babies laugh, they ramp up the entertainment even more to keep them laughing.   Many dogs are wonderful with kids.  The most recommended dog breeds that are good with children are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Collies.  Even so, according to Dogster, dogs are individuals, and vary in personality.  What may be a better question to ask is what are the best dog traits for children?

How to tell if a dog is kid-friendly

If there’s a breed you are already interested in, do some research about why this breed was developed.  Were they bred to herd?  Is it their instinct to nip at heels?

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove
Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

Ask breeders and breed rescuers to understand more about the breed you are interested in, and find out if that fits your lifestyle and your family needs.

What to look for if you are adopting an adult dog

If you are thinking about adopting an adult dog, watch the response when the dog is approached by children.  Does his face light up?  Is his body wiggling?  Is his tail wagging at the sight of children?  Does he actively seek gentle interactions with children?  These can be signs of a kid-friendly dog.

What are signs of stress that a dog may be uncomfortable around children?

If you see signs of stress such as lip licking, backing away, growling, looking away frequently, or urinating when children approach them, this dog may be uncomfortable around children.  This article talks about considering trainers who help socialize dogs to life with children.   You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy watching these gentle dogs giving nurturing attention to both twins when they babysit.

Article source:  Dogster


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