[VIDEO] Havanese Puppy Almost 3 Weeks Old

video newborn havanese puppy

The Havanese puppy in this video is enjoying quality time with Mom.  His name is Duncan, and he’s only 2 and a half weeks old.  Look at that cute chocolate nose.  And that sweet yawn.  Those big paws!  There are few things that uplift us as watching a puppy in moments like this.

If you are going to bring home a Havanese puppy,  there are some wonderful suggestions from Darlah and Nathan Potechin in TaleMakerHavanese.  It is a checklist on how to get ready before (even after) your Havanese comes home.  From the way they prepare the new dog parents, I get the impression that these breeders are very responsible and caring.

What to get before your puppy comes home

One of the first items you’ll need is a crate.  Metal or plastic works well. Check with your breeder which kind your puppy likes. Plastic might be easier on the teeth.  Get one large enough for your pup to turn around comfortably inside and sleep.  If it’s a much larger one, they might soil their sleeping area.

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Darlah and Nathan also suggests giving treats after grooming sessions.  Puppies may still squirm, but if you stay calm and hold the puppy firm, they’ll pick up on your emotion that this experience is going to be just fine.  You might also give them a massage afterwards.  It’s bonding and it relaxes the puppy.

Use the same food that your breeder has been feeding the baby (your breeder may send you home with an initial supply) at the beginning.  If you are going to feed him different food, transition it gradually over a week, so they don’t get stomach upset or even diahrrea.

Get cord protectors, so they don’t chew through your computer or television cords. There are many more helpful tips.  You can read Darlah and Nathan’s complete puppy checklist here.  

Article source:  Darlah and Nathan Potechin in TaleMakerHavanese


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