[VIDEO] Irish Jack Russell Puppies 4 Weeks Old

video jack russell puppies

What a tranquil video!   The Irish Jack Russell puppies in this video are just 4 weeks old.  The breeders posted it several years ago.  If you are considering whether to go with a breeder, here are some quick tips.  Reputable breeders often have their puppies reserved far in advance.

What’s the difference between a Jack Russell and an Irish Jack Russell?

They make certain that their clients are completely satisfied.  They will take back a puppy if it is not to the client’s expectation, or if there’s any problem. And they might even educate the clients on the transition period for the puppy, providing food for the first week or so to make sure the puppy is eating the food they are already accustomed to.  So, is there a difference between an Irish Jack Russell and a regular Jack Russell?  Tom McSherry of Jack Russell Lover shares a couple of differences.

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One is that Irish Jack Russell has shorter legs.  The second difference is that Irish Jack Russell breeders intentionally attempt to breed out their hunting instinct (hence a calmer dog) so they are more suitable as a family dog, especially a family with young children.

As far as looks are concerned, Irish are pretty similar to a regular Jack Russell except for the shorter legs.  That’s why sometimes they are called Shorty Jacks.  Because Irish Jack Russell’s are bred to be companion dogs, they actually would do fine with apartment living, as long as you provide outlets for lots of exercise.  Possibly because of their calmer nature, some people find that Irish Jack Russells are easier to train than their counterparts.  Tom suggests in his article that if you have dreams of turning your Irish Jack Russell into a show dog that wins competition, you might as well come up with other dreams. 🙂   You can read more about Irish Jack Russell’s here.

Article source:  Tom McSherry of Jack Russell Lover


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