[VIDEO] Labradoodle Service Dog Helps Little Girl Move Toward Independence

video Labradoodle service dog helps young girl

The Labradoodle service dog in this video helps a little girl move toward independence.  This Labradoodle is Solar.  The little girl is Sadie.  Sadie has a condition that makes it difficult for her to walk.  When an organization –Tender Loving Canines—trains Solar to be a service dog for Sadie, her life expands in so many ways.

How this service dog helps a little girl go from wheelchair to walking

Sadie is 7-years-old. She has Mitochondrial disorder, which affects her cells.  She also has autism.  Solar is very good with retrieving things, so he helps Sadie pick up the things she she drops.  Service dogs can help people with autism with a variety of things—including mobility, safety, social and adaptive skills.  Sadie used to be in a wheelchair.  With Solar’s help, Sadie was able to use a walker, and now walks by herself next to her dog.

What to do when we see a service dog

Sadie says in the video that she enjoys hanging out with Solar, snuggling with him.  It makes her happy.  Isn’t that the best feedback?  Sadie says Solar is one of her best friends ever.  Here are some guidelines on what to do when you see a service dog at work.

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#1.  Do not distract the dog in any way.  It has a job to do and needs to give 100% attention to the person he is attending to right now.

#2.  Do not pet the dog without asking for permission.  If the person does not give you permission, do not be offended.  They are going about their day.

#3.  Do not talk to the dog.  Do not say the dog’s name.  Do not feed the dog.  Do not make any kissing noises to get the dog’s attention.  And do not stare at the dog.

These are just a few examples of work that a service dog does:  guide the blind, alert people who are deaf to sounds, alert a person who is having a seizure, pull a wheel chair, retrieve dropped objects, interrupt behavior in a person with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Enjoy this heart warming video of how Solar helps Sadie move toward her independence.

Article source:  Tender Loving Canines


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