[VIDEO] Maltese Puppy Enjoys Getting Hair Dried

Maltese puppy likes hair dryer video

In this video, we get to watch Milo the Maltese and his bathtime ritual.  As well as the blow-drying part after the bath.  The bath part is tolerable.  And the hair dryer portion actually feels pretty good. Milo seems to enjoy this experience.  When the hair drying is away from the head, he is really relaxing into the warm air.

How to bathe a Maltese

Bathtime does not need to be stressful for puppies, and especially for one that requires more grooming time than other dogs, it is good to make this a pleasant experience for your Maltese. Beverly Bianco writes on Maltese Only that it is important to brush or comb out the knots and mats on a Maltese before giving them a bath.  Work out the mats with your fingers first before using a brush.  Once the mats get wet, they get tighter and harder to work with.

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If you are thinking about getting a Maltese, know ahead of time that grooming them is going to take a commitment of time on your part.  Their ears need to be checked once a week.  They have a lot of hair in their ears, it’s important to keep that passage clear for air circulation to prevent infection. If their ears are sensitive to the touch, smelly, or if they are scratching, shaking, and tilting their heads to the side, it’s a good idea to visit the vet.

Always blow dry a Maltese after a bath.  If possible, use a stand alone dryer so you can use both hands to work with their hair.  The best time to brush a Maltese is after a bath, when the hair is damp after toweling down.  That is probably why Milo’s mom is taking such meticulous care bathing and blow-drying his hair.  It’s a good thing Milo enjoys the experience.  You can learn more about grooming a Maltese here.

You can read more about how to bathe and groom a Maltese here.

Article source:  Beverly Bianco on Maltese Only


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