[VIDEO] This Havanese Puppy Has Lots Of Energy

video of an energetic Havanese puppy playing

The Havanese puppy in this video is very energetic, and is so responsive to Mom’s invitation to play.  His name is Corduroy.  He has boundless energy.  My best is on Mom getting tired long before this puppy does.

Havanese is an affectionate breed.  And they are companion dogs.  By that, it means they need YOUR companionship.   They can actually get separation anxiety.  So don’t leave them alone for long period of time, according to Dog Time.  If you do have to leave, surround him with plenty of sturdy toys to keep him occupied.  They bark when they hear people passing by or if they hear strange noise.  If you live in a building with noise restriction, and you are not home to stop his barking, take this into consideration if you are thinking about getting a Havanese.

What are Havanese like?

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They do have plenty of energy to expend, as you can see in Corduroy.  So take them for a long walk everyday so that energy has a place to go, or at least play some interesting game, like fetch, to let them run off that steam.

Havanese get along well with everyone.  Still, it’s good to socialize them early, so they get used to new sounds, new sights, new smell, different people, new environment.  This prepares them to be comfortable with new situations they encounter as they grow up.

Even though they do well with children, do teach children how to approach puppies respectfully.  Supervise the interactions between children and the puppy in case someone gets rough.  Often people get a Havanese because they look so adorable, and they don’t know what goes into having one.  Many Havanese are available for adoption of fostering.  Please consider this option when you decide on getting a Havanese.  You can read more about this breed here.

Enjoy watching this adorable Havanese playing with Mom.

Article source:  Dog Time


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