[VIDEO] Manny The French Bulldog Has An Unusual Favorite Spot To Nap


In this video, we see Manny the French Bulldog has an unusual favorite spot to nap.  The bathroom sink!  He asks to be picked up and placed on the counter.  Then he happily steps inside the sink and settles in for a nice nap.

Watch his cute little round body as he situates himself in the sink.   I can see why he likes it.  It’s almost shaped like him.  It’s jut the right size for him.  And if it’s hot, the sink would be a cool place to take a nap.  I read some information about Manny.  He likes bacon.  And he loves to sleep in the sink.

Enjoy watching Manny get into his favorite napping spot.

Image source:  via Buzzfeed


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