[VIDEO] Watch Louie The Golden Retriever Grow Up


This is a lovely video tracking Louie the Golden Retriever from 2 months to 14 months.  What an adorable puppy.  The video starts out with Louie playing with his siblings, and his parents picking him out as their very own baby.   Just love that puppy fat and fluffiness in the earlier months, when Dad lets Louie chase after him, and giving Louie belly rubs.

In one scene, Louie is busy scratching something on the wood floor.  Suddenly, he just lies down and takes a nap.  It’s amusing to watch that sudden change of interest in puppies.  So focused in the moment, and just as focused the next moment in something else.  As Louie grows older, Mom starts training him to do some tricks.  Looks like he has his own training room.

Enjoy watching these special moments of Louie from 2 to 14 months.


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