[VIDEO] This Puppy Is New To Drinking Milk From A Bowl


The puppy in this video is new to drinking milk from a bowl.  Her name is Fraggle, and she is 4-weeks-old.  She just learned how to lap up her formula from a bowl.  Usually she drinks 4 times this much for her meal.  Since she is new to having her meal from a bowl, she got tired after having just 1/4 of her regular portion.  I understand this is not bad for a beginner.

Her owner plans to have Fraggle get more comfortable having her milk from a bowl first.  Then Fraggle will be transitioned into having some wet puppy food mashed into her formula so she can start experiencing different flavor and different texture.  After that, it will be chewing.  Oh Puppy, you are going to have so much fun with food!

Enjoy watching Fraggle experiencing milk from a bowl probably for the first time.


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