[VIDEO] This English Bulldog Puppy Knows How To Get Dad’s Attention


The English Bulldog puppy in this video knows how to get Dad’s attention.  He wants to play, but Dad is not in the mood to play.  He feels like just relaxing on the deck.  However, he is fine about his baby boy getting on top of his head.  So the puppy got bored and walked away.  For a moment.

Dad moves to another spot to lie in the sun.  Baby boy comes over and again wants Dad to play with him.  He starts play biting Dad’s mouth.  Dad is gentle in play-biting the puppy back.  This is not playful enough for the puppy, so he aims for Dad’s ears.  Well, he hits the jackpot!  That got Dad’s attention.

Enjoy watching this English Bulldog puppy get his Dad’s attention.


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