[VIDEO] Police Dog Enjoying Puppuccino

video police dog drinking puppuccino

The working dog in this video is a police dog.  And his human partner understands that even canine partners appreciate a stop at Starbucks for his puppuccino break.  It’s delightful to watch the canine officer leaning out the window to lick up the whip cream from the Starbucks friend.  It’s got to cheer up the person working at the window station to do this. 

What is puppuccino made of?

Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Puppuccino is not officially on the menu of Starbucks.  It’s just whip cream in a small espresso cup as a treat for doggie friends.  It seems to “put a smile” on the dogs’ face to have their own cup of something when they drive through.  They seem to feel included.

How one volunteer helps a dog shelter on her coffee break

In fact, I remember reading about a volunteer who works at a shelter who uses this Starbucks moment to brighten the day of a different shelter dog whenever she goes on her coffee run.  It helps dogs at a shelter to socialize in public places so they get used to new faces, new sights, new smells, new situations. 

Coffee Shop helps to promote dogs for adoption

Dogs enjoy social interactions just as we do.  And when this volunteer takes a dog there, they would have the dog wear something to identify them as available for adoption.  The coffee shop helps her cause by posting flyers of dogs available for adoption at the shelter so there is more exposure for these dogs. 

Shelter volunteer gives out dogs business cards

When people stop to interact with the dog, they would inevitably ask about the available for adoption sign, and now more people are aware of the shelter and who needs a new home.  She might have even have extra flyers about the dog she is taking out to give to anyone who stops by and ask about the available for adoption sign.  Maybe even business card with the dog’s shelter ID and photo, name, so people can take the information home to discuss with their family.  What that volunteer does probably inspires other shelter volunteers to do the same to help more dogs get adopted.


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