[VIDEO] Pug Puppies Kissing Each Other

video Pug puppies kissing each other

Meet Emma and Paul in this video, 6-weeks-old Pugs out on a walk in Bremen, Germany.  They were born back in 2008.  I am thankful that this video was taken for our enjoyment many years later.  If you are looking for a companion dog, look no further.

What are Pugs like?

Pugs are ALL companion dogs, according to contributors to Adopt A Pet.  (These contributors are from rescue and adoption sources.  Those who rescue Pugs have insights to why such adorable dogs are even up for adoption.)  Pugs love people.  They love to be with you.  They follow you around.  They are good with children, with other dogs, with other pets.

They are playful and gentle.  Even if someone is unable to exercise them a lot, they would do just fine.  They don’t have aggressive tendencies.  They are intelligent, very trainable, and they can train YOU.

Miranda Esmonde-White Aging Backwards workouts
Miranda Esmonde-White Aging Backwards workouts

Here are some things to consider before you rush out to get that happy, clownish companion dog home.  Pugs shed.  A LOT.  365 days.  If you don’t like shedding, this is not the right dog for you.

Pugs can overheat in the summer.  They need a cool or air-conditioned place when it gets hot.  They snore.  They cannot swim because they are top heavy.  Like ducks diving for food, if a Pug’s head goes into the water, their end goes up.  If you have a swimming pool or a pond or large fountain, protect your Pug from getting into the water.

Pugs also have no sense of direction.  If they follow a beautiful butterfly, they may not find their way home.  If you can live with all these conditions, this is one companion dog that will make you laugh again and again.  You can learn more about Pugs here.  Enjoy watching Emma and Paul express their fondness for each other.

Article source:  Adopt A Pet


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