[VIDEO] Puppy Enjoying A Massage

video puppy getting massage

The puppy in this video is loving a gentle massage.  So relaxed!   When we think of giving our puppies a massage, often we think of their back muscles, their arms and legs, according to Pawsitive Canine Massage.  If you think of your last massage for yourself and how good that face massage feels, you’ll understand why your dog would appreciate the same.  Our sinus cavity is here, ears, eyes, blood vessels, gums, and so many smaller parts that contribute just as much to our sense of well-being.  If you decide to give your dog a nice face massage, read the article in its entirety first before you begin.

How to give your dog a massage

The author, a dog massage therapist, starts the massage with the neck, and works her way down the back, and ends with the head. She writes that most dogs will feel resistant if we start massaging their face to begin with.  Give them time to feel relaxed with the rest of the body.  Give them time to trust our touch (our massage pressure) before getting to the place where they “face the world.”

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When you massage your dog’s head, use light pressure. Light touch goes a long way. Remember to use your finger tips. No fingernails.  This light massage on the head will stimulate circulation, the brain, and promotes relaxation.

You can follow this with a light tapping called tapotement.  You can read about that technique in the article first before beginning.  Once their head is completely relaxed, you can move to the ears.  Especially dogs with large ears benefit from ear massage because they are more prone to ear infections.

Massaging across the bridge of the nose and between the eyes opens up the sinus cavity.  This is especially helpful for dogs with short nose, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Shih Tzu, and Pekingnese.  You can read the instructions on how to give your dog a head massage here.

Article source:  Pawsitive Canine Massage


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