[VIDEO] This Puppy Wants To Stay In Bed

video puppy does not want to get up

This video shows a great demonstration of what a puppy does when she is not ready to get up.  She obviously wants to stay in her comfortable bed longer, and nowhere near ready to get up.  But Mom can’t wait to spend time with the puppy.  She gently helps the puppy get up, and the pup flops right back into back, as if she has no back bone.   Such flexibility!

How to wake up a sleeping dog

You’ve probably heard the expression “let a sleeping dog lie.”   You don’t want to startle them, and snap at you because they are a bit disoriented when you jar them out of their slumber.   But what if you really do need them to get up, say, for a vet’s appointment?  Or because you have to walk them before you go to work?  How can you do it safely so that they are not startled?  So YOU can be safe?   Houndstooth shares some thoughts on this topic in Tales And Tails.  (What a great name for a site!)

Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the art of manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer
Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the art of manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

She shares her own experience of being bitten by her dog.  She was brushing him and he fell asleep.  He was just adopted, and had no experience waking up to someone touching him, so he went for her.  Very unlike that dog.  She found an answer, and shared it in her article.  And it’s really simple.

If you need to wake up your dog, get some treats or some of his food (dry food please. :-))  and sit at a couch some distance away from your dog.  Far away enough that he can’t possibly snap at you when he awakes.  

Toss the food to him while he is still asleep.  He wakes up to food falling from the sky.  And what dog doesn’t want a treat first thing in the morning?  You are at a safe distance.  He is awake, greeted by treats.  Win-win.  Houndstooth tried this for a month with her dog, and he woke up a completely different person.   You can read her entire article here.

Article source:  Houndstooth in Tales And Tails


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