[VIDEO] Westie Puppy Wants Someone To Shovel The Snow

video Westie does not want to walk on snow

In this video, Jackson the Westie wants Dad to shovel the snow before he goes down the stairs.   In all fairness, his Dad explains that this is Jackson’s first snow.  He looks comfortable in the weather.  But the snow is at first a bit intimidating for him.  The snow on the landing is fine.  But going down the steps on that snow looks scary.

This is a smart dog.  So Dad shovels the snow from the stairs, and Jackson feels secure enough to bounce down the stairs.  His Dad lovingly teases Jackson, “Pardon me, Your Majesty.”  Yes, it is nice to have the royal treatment, especially when your legs are short and you don’t know how deep the snow is.

Characteristics of Westies

This is a good video to watch again on a hot summer day.  Just watching the snow will cool you off.  Westies’ fans have good reasons to adore this breed, M.K. Clinton writes in Pup Journal.

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One of those endearing traits is their “talking to you”, not barking.  If you are someone who like to talk to your dog, you’ve hit the jackpot!  The Westie “talks back” and you’ll feel like you’re having a real conversation.

Another quality about the Westie is their confidence.  In fact, an over abundance of confidence.  No threat is too big for them.  If they encounter a big dog, they are in trouble.  This attitude is lovingly called the Westitude.

Another quirky quality about the Westie is that they have a LOUD voice.  There is a reason for this.  They were bred to hunt down vermins.  So they would get inside tunnels to chase after the vermins.  If they get stuck, they need to have a voice loud enough so their owners can pull them out of the tunnel.  It would be a good idea to teach a Westie how to use their “inside voice” from a young age.  You can read more about the traits of Westies here.  If you enjoy this video, here is another Westie video you might also enjoy.

Article source:  M.K. Clinton in Pup Journal


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