[VIDEO] Dog Painting On A Canvas

video dog painting with a brush

The dog in this video is actually painting on a canvas.   His name is Jumpy. In the video, we see his trainer using a pointer to guide Jumpy’s movement on the canvas.  Jumpy follows the direction of the pointer, and away he goes with his paint brush.  Doggie art is becoming more popular now. There are classes that encourage dog owners to share this fun activity with their beloved friends. It’s something unique, and you can brag about your dog’s art work afterwards.  There are also other sentimental reasons.  Here are just a couple of them.

How to teach your dog to paint

First, we outlive our dogs.  This is a very nice memory for us to frame. Some dedicated women think of using doggie art as a fundraiser to help dog shelters and rescue dogs.  They auction off these paintings.  It’s a win-win-win.  The buyer has a wonderful conversation piece.  More dog shelters benefit from the donations.  And the dogs…well, they just have fun.

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There are actually painting kits for dogs if you want to add a fun activity for you and your dog.  The paint is all non-toxic acrylic paint. Teaching your dog to paint can be easier than you think.  Kristina Lotz on iheartdogs shares tips on how to train your dog this skill.

Be sure you are supervising your dog the entire time for his safety. You might want to do this outdoor so you don’t get paint inside your house.  The first skill is to train your dog to hold the brush with his mouth.

If he’s not ready for this, then back up a bit and start by rewarding him each time he approaches the brush.  Gradually, have him pick up the handle of the brush, then reward him.  Teach him words such as “brush” to mean move his head up and down, and choose another word to mean move his head side to side.

You can read the entire article here.

Article source:  Kristina Lotz in iheartdogs


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