[VIDEO] Puppy Sleeping Through A Massage

video puppy sleeping through massage

The puppy in this video sleeps through a massage.  She must be completely relaxed.  Actually, many humans fall asleep when they get a massage too.  Dogs love a good massage as much as we do.  And it offers a lot of health benefits to them too.

Dogs can get stressed.  They are alert to strangers at the door.  Just look at their body posture.  They are in alarm mode.  You know dogs who get really afraid when they hear thunder?  That’s great stress for some dogs.  Actually, many dogs do not like loud noises.  Sirens, for example.  These may seem like everyday occurrence to us, but still it can cause stress to our friends.  Massage can help them to release tension and relax.

How to massage your dog

Another benefit is improved circulation.  More oxygen flowing through, deeper breathing, improved immune system.  Pretty much the same benefits we get from a massage.  At the end of a massage, there is a sense of well-being, balance, rejuvenated. Same goes for dogs.

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Josh Weiss-Roessler in Cesar’s Way offers some tips on how to massage our dogs.  First, do not massage your dog like you would a human.  That would be too much pressure on them.  Use gentle motion when working on your dog. And if he is in an anxious mood, take him for a walk first.  He needs to be in a calm state and receptive of the massage before you begin.

Begin the massage by gently petting your dog all over. And talk to him softly to keep him relaxed and calm.   Use circular motion when massage his neck.  Then work your way down to the shoulders.  This is an area that dogs can’t reach, so they appreciate you spending more time here. When you get to the legs and paws, be respectful of your dog’s wishes.  If they don’t like to be touched there, move to another area.  By the time you work on the whole body, they would be in heaven.  And it creates a deeper bond between you and your friend.    You can read the details on how to give your puppy a massage here.

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Article source:  Josh Weiss-Roessler in Cesar’s Way


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