[VIDEO] Rottweiler Puppy At 4 Weeks Old

video of Rottweiler puppy

This is a video of Rottweiler puppy Benz at 4 weeks old.  What a sweet face he has.  If you are thinking about getting a Rottweiler puppy, there are some factors to consider before you make your decision.  Sometimes puppies are turned over to rescue groups or shelters because their former owners did not know what goes into taking care of a puppy.  An article in A Love Of Rottweilers may be helpful before you adopt a Rottweiler.  This puppy grows fast, but mature slowly.  The rapid physical growth puts a strain on their bones/joints/ligaments.

How to bring up a Rottweiler

Since this is a large breed, the kind of food you choose to support a puppy’s growth needs to be  high in nutrition but not in calories.  Do your research before you decide on a food.  This article recommends that you stay away from food that offers a lot of calories and fillers that make your puppy full but not necessarily support their physical development.

Rottweiler is a breed that can be susceptible to allergies.  Food that has chemicals, additives, and fillers can trigger allergies.  They can also cause growth problems.

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Another factor to tend to is training your Rottweiler puppy to use the bathroom outside, not wherever they are standing.  Puppies don’t know where their bathroom is, so train them early on so it becomes a habit for them to go outside.

Rottweilers are very intelligent.  They’ll learn quickly what you want from them.  Teach him to recognize his name and respond to basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” as soon as you bring him home.  This breed is a loving dog, and they love being with their family.  They are reserved, maybe aloof, around strangers.  Being natural guardian dogs, it is wise to socialize your Rottweiler puppy and adult, so they become more comfortable being around new people, new sights, sounds, situations.  You can read more about the Rottweilers here.

Article source:  A Love Of Rottweilers


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