[VIDEO] Shih Tzu Puppies Just Opened Their Eyes

video Shih Tzu puppies opening their eyes

The Shih Tzu puppies in this video have just opened their eyes.  This is one of the most precious time in a puppy’s life.  Precious for us to watch, that is.  They huddle with their siblings.  They crawl their way to Mom for food.  When their only job in life is sleep and eat.

And when their eyes have just opened, so we can see even more of their beauty.  Jae Allen writes in The Nest that Shih Tzu puppies can’t see and can’t hear at birth.  Their eyes open around Day 10, and their vision is cloudy for about 2 weeks or so.  About 3 weeks after they are born, they’ll have their full vision, and their ears will open at that time.

Shih Tzu from Day 10 to 8 weeks

Week 3 to week 6 is a time when Shih Tzu puppies start playing with their siblings, recognize their mom, their humans.  This is a time when they grow a lot and also sleep a lot, not that they haven’t slept a lot before this. 🙂  At around 6 weeks, the Shih Tzu is ready to be weaned.

Furhaven Dog Playpen
Furhaven Dog Playpen

Starting around week 6, Shih Tzu puppies start to look more like a Shih Tzu, at least the fluffiness of a Shih Tzu. Between week 6 to 8, these puppies will start being curious about their surrounding and start exploring.  Be sure to puppy-proof your house to get ready for this stage.  Get on the floor, and look at objects through a puppy’s mind.

Everything is new to these puppies.  They have seen nothing like this ever. So they are curious about everything.  Is this an object they can put in their mouth? Is it easy for them to swallow and possibly choke?  Those electrical cords need to be wrapped safely so the puppies can’t get to them.  You probably need to inspect the floor everyday, in case a family member dropped something on the floor since the last time you puppy-proof your home.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:  Jae Allen on The Nest


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