[VIDEO] Smart Parents Introduces New Puppy To Their Family Dogs


The smart parents in this video are introducing a new puppy to their family dogs.  Remember Mishka?  The new puppy is Laika, and she is meeting Mishka and Moki in this video.  Mom lets Mishka smell her hand, which has the scent of the puppy.  Then Dad comes inside with Laika still in her carrier.

Dad invites Mishka and Moki to sniff Laika while she is still inside the carrier.  The dogs wag their tail to approve and show their welcome.  Then Dad lets Laika out to greet her sister and brother.  Almost immediately Laika gives Mishka a kiss.  These smart parents give time for the dogs to get acquainted with each other.

Watch how Mishka extends her friendship at the end of the video.


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