[VIDEO] This Big Dog Is Oblivious That Her Wagging Tail Hits A Friend’s Face


The big dog in this video is oblivious that her wagging tail is hitting her friend’s face.  Her name is Jaden.   Her Mom is calling her name.  In response, Jaden happily wags her tail to acknowledge the greeting.  Her little friend is lying behind her, right in the way of the wagging tail.

Jaden doesn’t seem to know that her tail was slapping her friend’s face.  Her little friend was protesting, but not enough to get Jaden’s attention.  Jaden can’t see her friend’s reaction.  And also unaware what a powerful tail she’s got!   It is curious that the little dog does not think to just move out of the way.

Enjoy this amusing moment of Jaden obliviously slapping her friend’s face with her wagging tail.


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