[VIDEO] Tiny Puppy Walking Among Giants With Confidence


The tiny puppy in this video is walking among giants with confidence.   What a great example for us!   The big dogs are so many times larger than the puppy that one mis-step can squash the little one.  Yet, the puppy acts as if he is one of the big dogs.  There is not a shred of fear or timidity in him.

I think that’s why he got the respect he does from the big dogs.  And they are probably gentle dogs as well.  Isn’t it nice to face life like this little one?  He does not even see what many may consider as a “disadvantage” being so tiny in a big world.  I have a feeling this attitude is going to help him experience far more wonderful adventures in life.

Enjoy watching this confident puppy interact with giant dogs as his equal.

Image source:  via One Green Planet


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