[VIDEO] This Samoyed Is Trying Too Hard To Be Friends With Cat


The Samoyed in this video is trying too hard to be friends with the family cat.  Solomon is the Samoyed, and Watson is the cat.  When Solomon first got home, Watson did not care to be friends.  Solomon tries in all kinds of ways.  Perhaps trying too hard.   But after 11 weeks or so of being in the family, Watson starts to warm up to this friendly Samoyed.

Solomon may not know the proper etiquette around a cat.  It’s not the best time to befriend a cat when he is eating, or when he wants some alone time.  I feel sorry for the puppy, trying so hard and ignored by the cat.  After 11 long weeks, Watson comes to terms with the dog.

Enjoy watching this endearing Samoyed trying really hard to befriend the family cat.

Image source:  via Little Things



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