[VIDEO] These French Bulldog Puppies Are Just 5-Days-Old


The French Bulldog puppies in this video are just 5-days-old.  Aren’t they just precious?!!   They are sleeping so peacefully, with frequent twitches and stretches, which are the most lovely movement to watch when these puppies are asleep.  The music for this video is so perfect.  Calm, peaceful.  I hope they are playing this for the sleeping puppies.  That would certainly ensure a restful sleep.

There are several puppies in this video.  I’m glad the videographer focuses on one puppy at a time, so we can enjoy each individual more.  Just watching them breathe is calming.  And it’s interesting how even their ears are twitching involuntarily.   Watch the last puppy stretch his arms over his head.

Enjoy watching these sweet moments of several French Bulldog puppies.


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