[VIDEO] Subaru Commercial Mrs. Barkley Has Bad Hair Day

video Subaru commercial bad hair day

This Subaru dog commercial is easy to relate to for us humans!  Who hasn’t had a bad hair day?  Mrs. Barkley came out of the hair salon with a scarf over her head.  Mr. Barkley’s in the car waiting for her.  After she got in the car, he looked at her scarf as if saying “what’s underneath that scarf?” Mrs. Barkley removed the scarf to reveal her hairdo.

Mr. Barkley was unwise to make a comment, which got a threatening growl out of the Mrs.  So why would a car company make commercials using dogs?   About one-third of television commercials have dogs in them.  They are cute.  They are adorable.  And their expressions can convey emotions human words can’t always accomplish.

Does your dog have what it takes to be in a commercial?

So how do we know if our dog has what it takes to be in a commercial?   Many of our dogs can do high-five, roll-over, speak, and so on.  If you can picture the atmosphere on a set, there are lots of activities going on.  In a dog’s world, that means lots of interesting things to distract her.  Does she have the training to stay where she is without going after the distractions, even if it’s right in front of her?

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Does she get stressed around strangers?  Because there are going to be lots of them there!  Does she follow your command even when you are far away?   For the commercial, either you or another person will be giving the command for your dog.   You may not be very near in distance.  Does she have the training to follow command at a distance?

Is she outgoing?  Can she get along with everyone?   With so many people there, some of them are bound to want to pet her.  Is she okay with strangers touching her?  Or would that stress her out?   Shoots do not always finish quickly.  Can your dog stay focused over a period of time?  These are some thoughts to consider if you are musing over the idea of having your dog audition for a commercial.

If you enjoy this video, here is another dog commercial by Subaru.


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