Subaru Dog Commercial the Barkleys Take Puppy to First Day Of School

Subaru dog commercial

Another brilliant Subaru commercial.  It’s the puppy’s first day of school, and the Barkley’s are dropping off their youngest at Obedience School.   As Baby Barkley looks out the car window, he feels a bit intimidated by the idea of leaving his parents for the day.   Mom nudges him along, and Baby reluctantly goes inside.

Does your dog have what it takes to be in a commercial?

Back in the car, Papa Barkley got very depressed to see his baby off to school.  Making a commercial with dogs have certain factors to consider.  Creating a mood to bring out certain emotions in viewers require that the dogs be already trained to pose in certain ways on command.

For example, a famous Yorkie, Misa Minnie, was trained in numerous skills, one of which is to look sad, push a door open, bring a kleenex to her Mom, pray, knock some cups over with both paws.

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Another famous dog, Jesse the Jack Russell, was trained to pull socks off, help pull his Mom’s sweater off by the sleeve, bring in the paper, close the door, push the CD lid down, pull off the bed sheet, puts his paw over a wash towel to clean the floor, put socks inside the washer, take socks out of the dryer.  If you have dreams of seeing your dogs in commercials or movies, teach them at least the basic skills.  And when they have mastered them, catch them on video.

What to include in your dog’s audition tape

When the opportunity comes, if an agent ask if you have something on tape, you DO.  Showing the action speaks volume, even though you can also include the list in your dog’s resume.  Since your dogs will be around strangers, both people and possibly dogs, they need to feel comfortable being around others.  And while the commercial is shooting, your dogs need to be able to follow command at a distance since they are they only ones on camera.   If you feel that your dog has the personality traits to be in show business, these are some thoughts to get you started.

Enjoy this Subaru commercial of the Barkley’s taking their baby to school.

And if you like the Barkley’s family, here is another Subaru dog commercial.


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    We should have more of these commercials ~ !!!. They so adorable ~ !!!!.

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