[VIDEO] Subaru Dog Commercial With Barkley Family

Subaru dog commercial

A humorous Subaru commercial with dog family–the Barkley’s.   Commercials with dogs are always a hit.  This one has several humorous clips, all with the dogs inside a Subaru.  This blog was updated on September 3, 2022.

The Barkley family is taking a leisurely drive. All of a sudden, everyone starts barking.  Why?  Look at what shows up in the next scene.

Subaru dog family

The camera turns to a postal truck on the other side of the road. Next scene.  The car came to a stoplight.  A gorgeous poodle with salon haircut was crossing the street like she is walking down a pageant runway. The male dog was appreciating her beauty.  We hear a growl coming from the passenger side.  Mrs. Barkley is unhappy with her husband’s wandering eyes.

Next scene. The Barkley’s stop at a gas station. Papa got out of the car, went inside the gas station to get the bathroom key.  The rest of the family got out of the car and head for the bathroom.  It’s not what you expect.

Next scene. Inside the bathroom.  Everyone’s drinking from the toilet.   And they are using the hand dryer to dry their hair after they get wet from the toilet.

Dog Pool Collapsible by Jasonwell
Collapsible Dog Pool by Jasonwell

Last scene. Two dogs were kissing in a car parked outside a house. Romance is in the air.  The light inside the house came on. Papa Dog looked out the window and barked at the couple in the car.

Next scene, the daughter got out of the car, watching her boyfriend drive away.  I appreciate the humor of the writer for this video.  Sometime ago, there was a video showing how commercials were shot when they use dogs, especially puppies.  It was a commercial about mattresses.  It was easier to instruct the more mature dogs.  They have already had some kind of dog training.  But the puppies were a different story.  The crew sometimes had to work around the puppies’ schedule, and not the other way around.   Hope you enjoy watching this humorous commercial.

If you like this video, here is another Subaru dog video of Mrs. Barkley coming out of the hair salon.



  1. L.J. Panfil Reply

    I enjoy and stop whatever I’m doing when ever this commercials come on. Please keep them comming. With all the crap that is on tv, these are a pleasent break, thanks!

  2. Deborah Sabo Reply

    I love these commercial s so much!
    I had a golden

  3. Marie Cozzi Reply

    EXCELLENT!!! However, I don’t think I looked at the car even once!!! The dogs were GREAT and the experience was refreshing! Thanks for posting!!!

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