Subaru Commercial Puppy Falls Asleep In Car

Subaru commercial puppy falls asleep in car

Subaru commercial warms parents’ heart with this puppy falling asleep in the car.  This is one of the sweetest dog commercials!   Parents who have done this with their babies can identify with the feeling.   You know how some babies need some kind of motion to fall asleep?   Some babies fall asleep easily when they are in a car ride.   The monotonous sound of the road, the slight rocking motion, the quiet…and some parents put this knowledge to good use.

Well, so does Papa Barkley in this video!   He looks in the rear view mirror and saw that the baby is asleep, so he heads home.   As soon as he opens the car door, the baby wakes up, and back to the road Papa goes!   Just like parents rock their babies to sleep in their arms, as soon as the rocking stops, the baby wakes up.

More commercials are using dogs as stars

Calming Bed for Dogs
Calming Bed for Dogs

About one-third of American families have dogs.  Commercials are very smart to use this fact to increase their effectiveness.   Afterall, who would not go “aawwww” to the Superbowl commercial of the puppy going to visit his horse friend again and again?  More and more TV commercials now have dogs in them, even if the products have absolutely nothing to do with dogs.

I hope this trend helps to promote adoption of dogs who need a home.  Simply increasing the visibility of dogs on TV commercials helps to encourage those who are neutral to dogs to feel warmer toward our beloved animals.   Especially commercials that emphasizes the relationship factor.   It helps to convey the idea to those who are neutral toward dogs that here is an “animal” that’s very much like us.

Just look at the papa dog driving his car around in the middle of the night just so his baby would fall asleep and stay asleep.   If more people are watching these commercials, then perhaps more people would warm up to the idea of being around dogs.  And those who are on the verge of considering adoption might just have the incentive to help them make that decision to give one more dog a loving home.

Enjoy watching this heart warming video.  If you like the Barkley’s, here is another Subaru dog commercial of the puppy’s first day at school.



  1. Debra Duvendeck Reply

    Have always loved the Subaru dog commercials. Why cant we see more of these on tv?

  2. Debra Duvendeck Reply

    Have always loved the Subaru dog commercials. Why cant we see more of these on tv?

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