[VIDEO] The First Year With Goldendoodle Brody


This video is the first year with Goldendoodle Brody.  Actually, Brody is a mini Goldendoodle.  The video starts with Brody’s first day home.  It’s a mix of photos and video clips.  Brody chasing a child in the yard.  Brody learning to be chased by Mom.  He must be an outdoor dog.

When Brody was using the slide, instead of sliding to the bottom, he jumps off even before half way down.  A dog in a hurry!  Brody loves having the wind blow in his face during a car ride.  He opens his mouth as if to catch some wind.    He loves digging in the backyard too.  And running through raked leaves.  This is one happy dog.

Enjoy this video down memory lane to celebrate Brody’s first birthday!


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