[VIDEO] What Doggie School Does For Lottie The Goldendoodle


In this video, we witness what doggie school does for Lottie the Goldendoodle.  I appreciate having dogs run free and be themselves.  And I’ve seen what service dogs “give up” in order to make someone’s life more independent.  And I don’t mind dogs jumping up to greet me.  However, after watching this video of what Lottie learned in doggie school, I can understand the benefit as well.

I am glad the video compares what Lottie did before and after doggie school.  I can understand the concern of an enthusiastic puppy jumping up on a small child and knocking them over.   I see how a trained dog can go anywhere with us, and we don’t have to worry about how they interact with strangers.

Hope you enjoy this video.


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