[VIDEO] Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home

dog welcoming soldier home

How heart-warming to watch these dogs welcoming soldiers home!  Imagine coming home after several years and being welcomed like this by your beloved friend.  I can imagine these soldiers thinking about their beloved dogs when they are away from home, and eagerly waiting for that moment when their loyal pals welcome them home.

Listen to some of these dogs crying with joy and excitement.  All of them are touching scenes.  But the one I particularly like is toward the end, when a Golden Retriever greets her Mom at the airport with tenderness.  What a special bond this dog has with Mom.

How dogs remember people after a long absence

These video clips show that our dogs have no trouble recognizing us after several years of absence, and even if our face change a little.  How do they do that?

Caryn Anderson shares some insights on this topic in The Nest. She includes data from PBS.org that dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, whereas we have around 6 millions.  That’s 50 times more than we do!

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Not only this, the part in a dog’s brain that is responsible for analyzing smell is 40 times greater than what we have–that is proportionately speaking.  On top of this, dogs have an olfactory memory. They remember scents long after he smelled them.  That’s just for the sense of smell.

At the University of Padua, Italian researchers found that dogs rely on their eyes to tell who we are.   Even more than the sense of smell.   Now, let’s say the dog has become less visually able.  He would still be able to recognize you through their smell.   So don’t you worry that your beloved friend would ever forget you, however long you may be away.  You may consider leaving a shirt you wear often when you are away for a while, so your dog can find comfort through your scent.  Enjoy watching this heartwarming video of dogs who are overjoyed welcoming their soldier mom and dad home.

If this video warms your heart, watch this next one with a dog greeting his soldier Mom!

Article source:  Caryn Anderson on The Nest


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