[VIDEO] This Bichon Frise Just Came From The Beauty Parlor


The Bichon Frise in this video just came from the beauty parlor.  Look at the pride in his body language.  “I just came from the beauty salon!  I look great!”  Loving attention is one of the many wonderful personality traits of the Bichon Frise.  Who wouldn’t want to give this cutie all the attention he wants?  He is happy.  He has a cheerful outlook in life.  He is playful and gentle.  He is lively.  He is affectionate.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with the Bichon?

Temperament of a Bichon

Both genders of the Bichon have a sweet temperament.  The Bichon makes a great watchdog.  He knows everything that’s going on.  Who is coming home, who is leaving, when the mail carrier is here.  He will let you know with his barking.  It is wise to train the Bichon early on when he needs to alert you, and when to be silent.  This will help keep your neighbors your friends.

Sudden energy burst of a Bichon

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There is a funny thing the Bichon does called the Bichon Blitz, writes Vetstreet.  All of a sudden, they have this burst of energy to run around the house like a racetrack, jumping on and off furniture, maybe barking or growling while they are making this mad dash in your living room.  It may last 30 seconds or it may last several minutes, leaving you dumbfound and laughing.  Then he comes to a stop and lies down to rest.  And that’s the Bichon Blitz.  Absolutely entertaining!

Exercise needs of a Bichon

If he has a chance to play with another dog, still take him for a 15 minute walk everyday to take care of his exercise needs.  And if he has no dog friends to play with, walk him a bit longer.  The Bichon is very smart.  You can teach him any trick and he’ll learn it.  Just be sure to reward him with lots of praise and maybe treats.  Keep the training short and fun.

If you like this Bichon video, here is another one to enjoy.

Article source:   Vetstreet


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