[VIDEO] This Irish Setter Is Very Busy

video Irish setter busy at home

The Irish Setter in this video is into every family activity.  She is a full-time job!  That’s probably why there is a baby’s gate to keep her from making more havoc in the household.

Watch how she checks the dishes in the kitchen sink for goodies.  And leaving paper in the wastebasket means more things to pick up after this puppy has gone through the trash.  Mom seems strong enough to resist her begging behavior at tea time.  Or is she?  And she appreciates a peaceful setting by the lake.

Characteristics of Irish Setters

Besides being admired for their long silky hair, Irish Setters have quite a character.  They will have their way, yet they also like to please you, according to Irish Setter Club.  They are quite trainable, just know that sometimes they are smarter than their trainers.  And once they learn something, they learn it.  So train your Irish Setter with love and consistency.

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Irish Setters take their time to mature physically and mentally, so they stay sort of puppy-like for a longer time.  This can be a delight.

They are very easy to house-train because they naturally like to be clean.  Just make sure you let them out regularly for bathroom breaks when they are puppies.

If you are thinking about getting an Irish Setter, make sure you have the yard space and the time to exercise your dog.  This dog has a lot of energy, and they need the space to run around and stretch those legs.  Because they are hunting dogs, they follow their nose.  As much as they adore you, they may not listen when you call them once they pick up an interesting scent that they want to follow.  So make sure your yard is fenced.  Enjoy watching the fun personality of this Irish Setter.

If you like this video, here is another Irish Setter video of a piano lover.

Article source: Irish Setter Club


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