Three Tips For Reducing Anxiety In Your Pet

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Thanks to guest author Lisa Smalls for sharing the following blog on how to reduce anxiety in our pet.

There are many things that can cause anxiety in animals. Whether your pet is adopted, has a history of past trauma, or he/she pants and shakes during thunderstorms, we never like to see our pets suffering. Thankfully there are a few ways we can help. Here are three tips for reducing anxiety in pets.

Sleeping with your dog can lower her anxiety

The mood-boosting effect you get from just being around or playing with a pet can reduce anxiety and stress in you, and be a benefit to your furry friend as well. Additionally, sleeping with your pet can help further decrease anxiety both in you and in Fido. Studies have shown that sleeping with your pet reduces stress in humans by making them feel secure and more at ease. Cuddling with your pet releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes both you and them feel calmer and more relaxed.

Calming music also relieves dogs’ anxiety

Connective tissue workout DVD Miranda Esmonde-White
Connective tissue workout DVD Miranda Esmonde-White

Another way to relieve animals’ anxiety is to use calming music. One popular album series is titled “Through a Dog’s Ear.” The music was explicitly crafted to calm dogs and reduce their stress levels. Their website states, “these solo piano classical arrangements reduced anxiety behavior and induced calmness in 70% of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85% of dogs in households.”  The music in this CD series is arranged to diminish the complexities heard in most music. So if your pup is getting overly excited and having a hard time calming down, experiment with classical music to calm her down.

Massaging your dog releases her stress

While general petting is nice for you and your best furry friend, a massage can help to relieve their anxiety just like it can reduce stress in humans. TTouch, one massage practice created and popularized by Linda Tellington-Jones, is a method using small and large circular movements all over the body. The underlying science behind TTouch is the activation of cells and the awakening of cellular intelligence. Essentially, when their muscles are loose and relaxed, it helps to relax the whole animal. Click on the video above to see how one type of massage is done on a dog.

‘It goes without saying why dogs are man’s best friend, which is why we should be there for them during their moments of anxiety.”

If you enjoy this video, here is another video of a puppy loving a massage.

Article source: Andrea Pisani Babich on sleeping with your dog



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