[VIDEO] These Dogs Are Natural With Yoga

dog doing yoga with owner

The dogs in this video are natural with yoga.  Actually, the official term is Doga.  If this is the first time you see a dog doing yoga, welcome to the world of Doga!  There are classes designed for humans and their dogs.

Yoga classes for dogs and their owners

Some of these classes are simply allowing you to bring your dogs to a yoga class, but some are actually intended to bring a closer bond between you and your beloved friend. Yes, even closer than you already are.  If you know what one of the poses is, it really is not so far-reaching.  You know the yoga pose Downward Dog?  It’s simply a dog (or us humans) doing a stretch with his front paws stretched out, his behind and tail up in the air.  That’s all.

About half way through this video, you’ll see an actual Doga class in process.  One small dog and one larger dog are doing a pose with their parents.  The dogs are up in the air, doing a stretch, and looking quite relaxed in that stretch.  Imagine the trust that was built in order to do a lift of any kind.

How doing yoga with your dogs helps them release stress

Yoga set 6 piece by Sivan
Yoga set 6 piece by Sivan

Susan McCullough writes in The Dog Daily about her interview with Brenda Bryan in Seattle. Brenda teaches yoga and is also a massage therapist.  In her Doga class, the activities enhance the trust between people and their dogs.  The stretches, the lifts, the massages that people give to their dogs in class help their dogs to feel relaxed, release stress, increase their range of motion, and improve circulation.

Where to find Yoga class for dogs

The poses are not designed for contortionists.  And lifting your dog is not required.  She has a Mastiff and a Great Dane in her class.  If you want to explore Doga, check online and see if your city offers those classes.  If not, contact the yoga classes and ask if you are allowed to bring your dogs to class.  There are always DVD or online videos you can follow to get started.  Enjoy watching these agile dogs who are quite good at yoga.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of a Collie doing yoga.

Article source:   Susan McCullough in The Dog Daily


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