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Thanks to guest writer for contributing this article on how to help new puppies sleep. Krista Harper is a freelance writer from Southern California and the owner of two wonderful golden retrievers. She regularly covers lifestyle topics and has a passion for helping others create balance in their lives along with their furry friends. 

Sleep plays an important role in how our body as well as our mind function. In fact, sleep plays the most critical component to how our mind processes memories, thought, and even our mood swings and emotions. It is also vital to how our body repairs damage to muscle tissues and inflammation.  And that goes for our puppies too.  Since puppies are new to our home environment, and recently left their moms and siblings, there are some things we can do to help them sleep through the night.  Or at least part of the night.

So, what can you do when you and your puppy are having trouble sleeping? Here are three things to try out.

How to help your puppy sleep through the night

Sleep with your puppy

Who doesn’t love to feel the warmth of someone (or something) they love cuddled up next to them at night? Sleeping with your puppy may prove to be better for your sleep than you could have imagined. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping with your pet provides a person with a better night’s rest than not sleeping with your pet. This also helps your dog relax, as the warmth and comfort they experience in sleep also provides a sense of security. So, if you or your dog are having some trouble sleeping, the first thing to try is cuddling up.

White noise machine

You have likely heard of white noise before, but have you ever heard of a white noise machine? Scientists don’t know exactly how white noise works to soothe us at night, but the most prominent theory is that white noise blends all other sounds into a soothing monotonous sound. This helps your mind process the sounds you hear into something that is less distracting and won’t perk your mind to focus on while laying in bed.

If you haven’t yet purchased a white noise machine, another alternative is soothing music. Think of your puppy as your baby (they essentially are). Any soft and comforting music that would help put a baby to sleep should also help to calm your puppy.

Dog and cat reversible jacket waterproof
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This should go without saying, but do we always think to go potty before bed? You might be surprised that many dog owners (especially new owners) don’t consider the need for a puppy to go potty unless the puppy is at the door begging to get out.

Go potty before bed

When you create a routine of letting your dog outside to go to the bathroom before bed, this will help your puppy strengthen their bladder and help control their need and urges to go to the bathroom throughout the night. Give your puppy at least ten minutes outside to ensure that they went. Remember, puppies are prone to distraction, so, even though your puppy may have been begging to go to the bathroom, it is possible that an animal scent helped them forget.

Sleeping is important for strong mental and physical health for both you and your puppy. By cuddling up, removing distracting sounds from your sleep area, and going to the bathroom before bed, both you and your puppy will be in for a much-needed night of quality sleep.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of very young puppies falling asleep together.

Guest writer: Krista Harper


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