[VIDEO] This Boston Terrier Is Adored By Her Cat Friend


The Boston Terrier in this video is adored by her cat friend.  The cat, Tito, can’t stop licking Lilly, the Boston Terrier.  And Lilly is loving this nurturing attention.  Wouldn’t it be nice if more cats and dogs live harmoniously with each other like these two?

How to help your dog and cat get along

Christy Heaton writes an informative article in Boston Terrier Network about how to help your new dog connect with your family cat.  These tips are general.  It all depends on the individual cat and dog.  It helps if the cat has lived with dogs before, and vice versa.  If you are thinking about adopting a dog, check if the foster family has a cat, and whether the foster dog feels comfortable around cats.  If you have the opportunity to have your cat meet the prospective dog before you adopt, that would be excellent.

How to introduce your new dog to your cat

Christy recommends that you reassure your family cat that a new dog is not taking attention away from her.  Give her extra attention. Have the new dog on a leash, and let the cat take her time in getting acquainted with the newcomer.  Use treats to reward the cat and to reward the dog, so they both associate something positive with the meeting and interaction.

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Supervise playtime.  The new dog may not know how gentle or rough to play with the cat.  Especially with the exposed eyes of the Boston Terrier, one swat from the cat can mean a trip to the vet.  So watch out for your new dog.

Will your cat be stressed out by a dog?

And before you make the decision to adopt the new dog, make sure your cat will not be stressed out by the addition.  This is her home.  She should feel comfortable in her environment.  If she is skittish or not social around dogs, maybe you can contribute to dogs in other ways than bringing one home.

Enjoy watching Tito give Lilly a thorough facial.

If you enjoy this video, here is another one of Boston Terrier puppies interacting with each other.

Article source:   Christy Heaton in Boston Terrier Network


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